Development of cities have always required transportation infrastructure for the movement of people and goods; it is impossible to separate transportation system from society because this system plays an economic essential role in our contemporary world. There is a strong connection between transportation infrastructure and city growth; in fact, cities have been evolving and they have required the development of transportation to support all the activities within cities.

Our professionals have excellent understanding of transportation infrastructure and strong knowledge of the fundamentals for the design of roadways including exceptional understanding of alignments, drainage requirements, safety considerations and the different factors to the successful design of urban and rural roadways.

We offer services in the following areas:

  • Roadway Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
  • Highway Detail Design
  • Intersection Design
  • Trails Design
  • Construction and Traffic Staging
  • Construction Cost Estimates

Highway Design:

Urban and Rural Highways

Urban Roadway Design:

Regional and Municipal Roadways

Intersection Design:

Intersections, Arterials, Ramps